et," he

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ction capaci▓ty to manage the quantities required for the Chinese market," Adawi added.Adawi po

t cost his com pany up to 5

0 million Egyptian pounds (about 2

inted out that the size of his company's farms was doubled from 400 to 800 acres after it started exportation to China. The company also increased its orange purchases from 50 to 7

  • .8 million U.S. doll▓ars) to bring the ne
  • w electronic sizer technology and the machines
  • required for upgrade to reach the quality dem
  • anded by the Chinese side.He explain
  • ed that upgrading ▓the packhouse
included large r coolers with

more advanc▓ed technolog

0 tons per year."We ▓are currently studying exporting grapes and pomegranates to China and we have started taking

ies to lower the temperatu

specific measures in this regard," Adawi told Xinhua, noting that his company's farms started to g▓row grapes

re and make it suitable fo

to be exported to China in particular."The Chinese market is promising to us and Shanghai import expo is a good

r high▓ quality orange."E

chance to bring together Egyptian exporters and Chinese importers," said the Egyptian businessman.Please scan

xporting to China urged us

the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatTrump's tariff plan disrupts

to supervise▓ the early

global auto industryTrum▓p's tariff plan disrupts global auto industryTrump's tariff plan disrupts global▓ auto

  • industry08-23-2018 11:02 BJTThe global nature of the automotive industry today means any change to its supply chain could be detrimental to all. As the U.S. government roll▓ed out additional tariffs on imported goods from some of its important trading partners, auto companies in Michigan are losing sleep over trade fears.Industry insid

    stage of the plantation proc
  • ers an▓d experts said the Trump administration's tariff plan, which shows U.S. misconception about world trade, will certainly lead to a lose-lose situation.AUTO COST SPIKEIn its secon▓d-quarter earnings report released in July, General Motors cut its prof▓it outlook for the year, citing significant increases in commodity costs. The▓ au

    ess in our far ms to ensure high
  • tomaker now expects to achieve earnings per diluted share of 6 U.S. dollars for the whole year, down from its previous forecast of 6.3 to 6.6 dollars.Its rival Ford Motor Co. has seen commodity costs rising 300 million dollars from last year, attributing about half of that to the U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum.The tariffs are expe

    quality and in crease our produ

cted to ea▓t up about 600 milli

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